IFW Conference and Expo Exhibitor Information

Exhibiting at the 30th IFW Expo is Icing on the Cake

September 29 - October 1, 2015

Beaumont, Texas
Holiday Inn Beaumont Plaza

Exhibitor Rates

Download the IFW 2015 Exhibitor Kit (IFWExhibitorKit2015.pdf).

 10x8  $1,500
 16x8  $2,400
 20x30 Outside  $2,400
 20x40 Outside  $3,000

Sponsor Rates    

 Platinum  $10,000

 Includes $1,500 booth credit; sponsors a lunch for 300; Full Size Program Ad; signage in lunch area, corporate sponsors list, and registration table area; lunch-time presentation slot; company logo included in IFW conference marketing efforts.

 Gold $8,000

Includes $1,500 booth credit; sponsors a bus; Half Size Program Ad; signage on bus, corporate sponsors list and registration table area; company logo included in IFW conference marketing efforts.

Includes $1,500 booth credit; sponsors a break; 1/4 –Page Program Ad; signage on corporate sponsors list and registration table area; company logo included in IFW conference marketing efforts.

Would you like to perform a product demonstration with/without live fire? Submit your request to Kendra Graf (call (979) 690-7559 or email kendra@fireworld.com) with a summary of your demonstration and anything that you will need to have provided or made available.

Booth Map


 Reserve your booth space today by emailing your IFW Representative or Kendra Graf.

 1      34  
 2      35  
 3      36 Plas-Mac
 4      37  
 5      38 Hose Mule
 6      39 Hose Mule
 7      40  
 8      41  
  9      42  
 10  Laundrylux    43  
 11 Pyrolance
 12 Phos-Chek
   45 Saint-Gobain
 13 Phos-Chek
   46 Haix
 14      47  
 16      48  
 19      49  
 22      50  
 23      51  TECGEN
 24      52  
 25      53 FLIR
 26      A  
 27      B  
 28      C  
 30      E  
 31 Hose Mule
   F Pyrolance
 32 Hose Mule
 33      H  

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